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Assurance Financial makes it easier to start and run a business.

We handle business filings with the attention they deserve. 

We help with business filings and compliance so our clients can focus on growing and operating their businesses.  We assist businesses in various fields, including professionals in these specialty industries:


Doctors and other medical professionals face unique regulatory and liability constraints.  This often requires numerous legal entities and filings.  

We help physicians and others in the medical profession with this, allowing our clients to focus on growing their practices and revenue and focusing on their operations.   

Real Estate 

Business entities are used in real estate deals to record ownership, segregate and isolate liability, and for lending and insurance purposes.  This can create a number of filing and compliance challenges.  

We help our real estate clients with these challenges so they can grow their portfolios and real estate revenues while having peace of mind that professionals are handling their paperwork.  


The dental profession is undergoing quite a bit of change.  These changes have brought with them new business structures and increased business filings.  

Assurance Financial can help with these filings.  We take care of the paperwork so our dental clients can invest more time taking care of patients and running successful dental clinics or operations.


Attorneys often form legal entities for their clients.  This is often done as part of broader legal, financial, and tax planning that they provide. 

We assist attorneys and others in the legal field with the less complex aspects of forming businesses and maintaining compliance.  This allows our attorney clients to focus on the higher value legal services they provide.  

Backed by a team that focuses on handling business filings and compliance, we help our attorneys and their clients stay in compliance with government regulations, protect their businesses, and start one the right way.

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